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So … tomorrow is the big day: my more serious board game group is getting together to play Diplomacy.

Now Diplomacy is well known as a friendship-breaker, a back-stabbing and ruthless game in which players routinely betray their allies. Ian the cool wrote a nice review of the game a couple weeks ago called Diplomacy: How to Stab Friends and Infuriate People. As he rather eloquently put it, “Diplomacy’s brilliance may come from one simple yet profound aspect of the game; that the players do not take turns making their moves, but rather make their moves concurrently. This makes it easy for players to say one thing and do another….Tempers will rise, yelling will fill the room, and devious grins will being to flash. Player interaction has never been so deeply rooted in emotion….”

I remember reading a story on BGG a while back about two roommates who were playing Diplomacy in college (I’ve tried to find the post but haven’t been able to locate it again). They had this very nice deal all worked out, they wrote out their orders in one another’s company, sealed the orders in envelopes, and slipped the envelopes under the moderator’s door. The only problem was, one of the roommates had pulled a switch and enclosed only a blank piece of paper. He returned later with his real orders, and (if I recall correctly) his roommate never spoke to him again.

Sounds like a fun game, huh? I’ve never actually played the game, but I’ve been curious about it ever since I first heard of it. And I’m actually looking forward to it quite a lot. As I put it in an email to one of the players, “I plan on getting totally schooled, but only after being stabbed multiple times in the back. And I plan to enjoy myself immensely.”

I’ll keep you posted…. Ó¿Ò

  1. December 3, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the mention.

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