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last-minute games to stuff in a stocking

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So you’ve put your holiday shopping off to the last minute, just like everyone else, and now you’re scrambling to find good games for stockings? No problem, you’ve come to the right place. All the games below are small enough to fit into a stocking and cost less than $15.

I’d suggest starting at the top of the list.


Ones I can recommend because I’ve played them and they’re lots of fun:

1. Coloretto. 2-5 players. A simple card game with lots of interesting choices. Gives you plenty to think about without hurting your brain, plays in 30 minutes or less, and is very colorful, too.

2. Fluxx. 2-6 players. If chaos is your thing, then Fluxx will be right up your alley. The game game where any player can win on (almost) any turn, the rules and the goals change with every card played. Plays relatively quickly with 2, but can take a while with more players. We often play this game as people are arriving for game night, as it’s very easy for someone to jump in after the game has started.

3. Slide 5. 2-10 players. Our version of the game is called Ta 6!, but gameplay is essentially the same. Players play cards in such a way as to try to avoid causing an avalanche (thus taking an entire row of five cards). All cards count against you.


I don’t own it, but it’s on my wish-list:

4. No Thanks! 3-5 players. An interesting game where you bid to not take cards. When a card gets flipped up, you either put a chip in to avoid taking it or take it and all the chips that have been put in the pot. A fast and fun card game with a great push-your-luck element.


Honestly, if it were me and I didn’t have any of these games, I’d go first for Coloretto, then for No Thanks!, and then it would depend on how much I liked chaos. Both Fluxx and Slide 5 can be fairly chaotic, but Fluxx is the chaos king – it’s definitely not for everyone.

Remember, though, good things come in small packages. :-)

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