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Wargame wins a side prize of 40 geekgold!

I just wanted to share the good news: Wargame won one of two side prizes awarded by todd sanders for the game(s) that showed the most improvement in Raiderjakk‘s Quick Print and Play Design Contest.

His criteria were as follows: “40gg for the game to show best improvement. this prize is given by me, subjectively, to the game/designer who has most improved their game as a result of this contest. you’ve started with an idea, built some quick cards, then worked out a set of rules, worked on those rules so they are tighter and clear to the players and brought the design of the game along as well, and now you are presenting a finished game. your artwork does not have to be professional level by any means.”

Sweetgotham won one of the two prizes awarded for her game Wolf Hunt, and I won the other.

How cool is that?!?

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