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more BGG stats: fun with numbers!

Ok, so I’ve been having more fun. First up is just the top twenty games that are “wanted in trade” on BGG:

Next up is the top twenty games that are being offered for trade:

And finally, the top fifty games with the highest want in trade / offered in trade ratio:

One caveat: I didn’t go through the entire BGG database looking for the twenty games with the highest ratio, instead I assumed that they would all be in the top 100 games wanted in trade. And this might well be a bad assumption. Still, you have to start somewhere, and I also wanted to avoid games that had an artificially high ratio due to a small sample size (1 wanting and 0 offering would, after all, be infinite).

How can a list like this be used? Well, it gives a pretty good idea what to look for when thrifting, for one thing, and it also gives you some idea just how desirable that mint copy of Antiquity you’ve got down in the basement is.

I guess I was surprised that Crokinole came out so high and that Goa didn’t come out any higher than it did. It didn’t surprise me that so many newer games were on the list, though, since demand is high and folks haven’t had time to tire of them yet.

All in all a fun little exercise. I hope you enjoy it.

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