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Euronimoes is a Euro-style print-and-play game for 2-4 players requiring good hand-management skills, good resource-management skills, and a bit of puzzling ability, too. Best of all, it can be played with just a handful of poker chips and one or two sets of double-six dominoes. The game can be printed and made ready to play in about a minute, and playing time averages around 10 minutes per player.

Unlike a regular game of dominoes, each player has their own playing area that is not shared with others. Players buy a domino (with chips), add it to their hand, and then play down in such a way as to try to minimize their point count at the end of the game.

The pips in any column must form one or more sequential runs – at the end of the game, the value of a run is equal to its smallest number. A run of 6-5-4-3, for example, is worth 3; a run of 4-3-2-1-0 is worth 0. And again, players don’t want points.

One more thing.  Players can reduce their overall score in two ways:  (1) by getting a 6-5-4-3-2-1-0 (a “bomb”) worth -3 points, and (2) by playing dominoes on top of other dominoes (dominoes on the second level are worth -2 points each, dominoes on the third level are worth -3 points each, and so on).

Let’s take a look at the dominoes above: in the first column, there’s a 3-2-1-0 and a 2-1; in the second column, there’s a 6-5-4-3-2; in the third column, there’s a 6-5-4-3-2-1-0; in the fourth column, there’s a 5-4, a 6-5, and a 2; in the fifth column, there’s a 0. The score for this would then be (0+1)+2-3+(4+5+2)+0 = 1+2-3+11+0 = 11.

It’s a simple game, but there’s a lot going on. Players of Euronimoes will quickly find that it takes plenty of planning, quite a lot of strategy, and at least a little luck to come out on top.

Give it a try!


There are now 12 ratings on BGG, with an average rating of 7.46.  Several BGG users have posted very nice comments about the game:

This is a fantastic dominoes game.It is extremely easy to learn. You won’t need the rules after the first game and even scoring is simple enough to remember. It provides the perfect amount of planning, guessing, strategy, and luck without being a tough mental exercise. It is simple enough to be played by the whole family and deep enough to be enjoyed by the whole family.

I wouldn’t call this game a print and play game. The one printable component, the playing mat, is actually unnecessary and can be omitted. It would be helpful for beginning players, but you really don’t even need it then.

Heartily recommended.

Black Canyon, Jan. 22, 2011.

The best game to come out of a set of dominoes. Lots of decisions to make that sometimes hurt your brain, but the simplicity of the choices makes the game balance itself out.

BuckWilde, Mar. 17, 2014.


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