Print-and-Play Games

I’ve released several print-and-play games that can be downloaded for free:

Euronimoes: try to play your dominoes in such a way as to minimize your total score. It takes good hand-management skills, plenty of planning, quite a lot of strategy, and at least a little luck to come out on top.

ScatterLand: a game where you’re trying first to discover and then to connect together as many islands as possible. I collaborated on this one with a friend of mine from Tulsa, Dan Moran (BGG user okgct).

Wargame: first deploy and then maneuver your troops to win either 7 battles overall or 4 battles in a row, but watch out — one of your Shooters is a Traitor!  A strategy game for two that takes about 20 minutes to play.

Horsefeathers: a bluffing-and-betting dice game for 2-8 players. To win the round you must be the last player standing; to win the game you have to have the most chips when one player runs out of money. Simple and fun, it can be played with just 12 dice, a dice cup, and a bunch of poker chips.

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