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top 5 gateway games revisted

November 19, 2014 Leave a comment

A while back I wrote a post called Top Five Gateway Games.  In it, I argued that the top five gateway games should likely be Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and Blokus.  Turns out I was wrong.  Though I like Blokus, I no longer think it should be the fifth gateway game.

I think the answer, in retrospect, is pretty simple:  take a look at the five most popular family games on BGG, and voilà!  You have your answer.

top five

So now for the canonical list:

  1. Settlers of Catan: 3-4 players, 90 minutes, ages 10 and up, 1995, weight of 2.4.
    The importance of Settlers to the modern gaming scene cannot be overstated: it single-handedly reinvented the industry. And with good reason — it’s tense, it’s fun, and it’s paced well, too.
  2. Carcassonne: 2-5 players, 60 minutes, ages 8 and up, 2000, weight of 1.9.
    A personal favorite, this game is extremely creative. You build a landscape by placing tiles, then inhabit that landscape by deploying your meeples.
  3. Ticket to Ride: 2-5 players, 45 minutes, ages 8 and up, 2004 weight of 1.9.
    My favorite game to teach to newbies, this one is always a hit. It’s easy to teach and easy to learn, and with a playing time of under an hour, you really can’t go wrong.
  4. Pandemic: 2-4 players, 60 minutes, ages 10 and up, 2008, weight of 2.3.
    An excellent game where players play against the game itself to try to eradicate diseases.  It’s been a hit with everyone I’ve introduced it to, and it’s a great couples game, too.  Not an easy game to win, but very satisfying when you can pull it off.
  5. 7 Wonders: 2-7 players, 30 minutes, ages 10 and up, 2010, weight of 2.3.
    A fun game that can be played with up to 7 players (always a plus), gives players multiple ways to win, and provides a nice introduction to card drafting.  As a bonus, there’s very little downtime, as all players are taking actions simultaneously. Not sure why this one didn’t make the cut the first time….